Military/Law Enforcment Discount


To recieve a 7% discount, you must call prior to placing your order online. If you call after placing the order, we will refund 3% of the total (does not include shipping) due to additional processing fees.


Qualifying Personnel:


  • Active Military
  • Members of the Military Reserves or National Guard
  • Retired or Honorably Discharged Military
  • Sworn Law Enforcement Officers with arrest powers
  • Reserve Sworn Law Enforcement Officers with arrest powers
  • Retired Law Enforcement Officers
  • Active Correction Officers




This discount can be used in conjunction with free shipping as long as the NET order amount is $90 or more.

Random spot check will be done to verify eligibility.

Customers who do not have integrity, and use this discount without ability to receive discount will be subject to 15% restocking fee and banned from future purchases.