Barrel Break-In Procedure



Thank you for choosing Craddock Precision for your custom barrel. We strive to bring you the best quality product and customer support. You can expect the best accuracy and longest life by observing a good break in and cleaning techniques. You may also refer to the blank manufacturer for their recommendations.

    Our barrels are chambered to a minimum headspace to give you the best accuracy and longest life. We chamber and port our barrels to work properly with a wide variety of Factory Ammo. Please always test your rifle with Factory Ammo for function before shooting custom loads.
Please observe safe reloading practices and follow all manufacturers’ warnings and safety instructions with handloading components.

Our barrel break in procedure is simply shooting 5-10 rounds for a function check followed by a thorough cleaning, regardless of the blank, and monitor the progression and copper fouling. Button rifle blanks generally like 50-75 rounds (although it does vary) before they really dial in. Cut rifled just seem to shoot out of the gate.

    We recommend you have your barrel installed by a skilled armorer to ensure proper installation. Improper installation can lead to malfunction and poor accuracy as well as an unsafe firearm. Proper installation is key to achieving optimal accuracy and life of all companies. Please observe Firearm Safety at all times when handling your firearm. If you have any doubt about your firearms safety, please do not fire it without having it inspected by a trained armorer.

Please feel free to contact us with questions anytime!


Thank you,

Craddock Precision Team


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