22 ARC Bartlein Barrel

Craddock Precision

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Elevate your shooting experience with Craddock Precision's mastery on a Bartlein barrel in 22 ARC. Meticulously turned for precision and power, delivering unparalleled accuracy shot after shot.


  • 16" to 26" in length
  • Rifle to Rifle +2 Gas System
  • 22 ARC Chamber
  • Enhanced / Enlarged M4 Feed Ramps
  • Bartlein Match Grade SS Blank or 400MODBB Steel
  • Three Options of Gas Block (.750", .875", .936")
  • Threads 5/8x24, 3/4x24, or No Threads (all with a 11° target crown)
  • Three Fluting Options (Straight, Spiral, Diamond)
  • Multiple Finish Options to choose from


The 22 ARC was engineered to use modern, high-BC bullets. Designing the cartridge and chamber in unison provides consistent accuracy, great velocity spreads and an outstanding shooting experience. This cartridge is the result of careful and meticulous design, following the same proven methodology as the highly acclaimed 6mm ARC.