224 Valkyrie Bartlein

Craddock Precision
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Gas Block Diameter required
Thread Size required
Headspaced Bolt required

We are happy to offer the 224 Valkyrie in any of these configurations you want from the list of options! This new cartridge has been flying off the shelves!


The 6.5 and 7 twist Bartlein Blanks are out of stock! We expect to get more blanks in March, so we are looking at delivery in mid-April! We do have the 7.7 twist Bartleins in stock still, but we have limited quantities. We are taking orders on the 6.5 and 7 twist barrels again! If you order one just remember the time frame we expect to ship! 


  • 16" to 24" in length
  • Rifle to +3 Rifle Gas systems
  • 224 Valkryie Chamber
  • Bartlein Match Grade SS Blank
  • Three options of Gas Block Diameter
  • Threads 1/2x28 or 5/8x24
  • Complete Bolt Headspace Option
  • Bead Blast or Polish Finish