16" 224 Valkyrie Complete Upper

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We're pulling out some old stock handguards from the stockroom for these 1 time offerings:




The 224 Valkyrie sure seems to do everything the .223 can do, but better.  With countless positive results from varying length barrels we've decided to add a 'little brother' 16" barreled upper identical to our normal offerings.  Last week a good friend of ours took to the range with his 16" Valkyrie and sent the results below, only around 150fps slower than the 22" barrel he had previously played with - so it's still a very adequate carbine.  These few will be 1 time offerings and I don't intend to replicate them - so if you like what you see don't wait!

Created: 07/30/18 09:36
Description: 224 Valkyrie
Notes 1: ELD Match
Notes 2: Hornady
Distance to Chrono(FT): 15.00
Ballistic Coefficient: 0.545
Bullet Weight(gr): 88.00
Temp: 87 °F
BP: 28.46 inHg
Altitude: 500.00
Average: 2572.8 FPS
SD: 6.8 FPS
Min: 2561 FPS
Max: 2577 FPS
Spread: 16 FPS
True MV: 2578 FPS